Alberto SM - Project Portfolio

Tap Strike BOOM! An explosive mind-bending game!
Velawoods English English-learning App
Bedazzled HD Match-3 Extreme Makeover
Bedazzled Gems When out of diamonds...
Jewel Dive Underwater match-making
Space Race 3D Space-bound racing
Cake Quest Indulging sugar matches
FOG Tennis 3D For those with keen reflexes
Golf Cart Parking Because Ferraris are so 2008
WeirdFace Runner Totally not projecting
That Flipping Guy 2 TURBO Epilogue to 'Tap Strike BOOM!'
Minimal Shifting Quick-step Chaos
DeepStep Subaquatic Rhythm
confLINKted 2 (indirectly) become 1
The MANT Experiment Door-to-door Shrunk Man
Cube Universe The power of Simplicity
The Social Petwork Neighborly shapes
Rockheads Epic Neanderthals